We are &friends

We are a collective of independent design sprinters, facilitators and educators, working together to deliver world-class design sprints and kick-ass workshops around the world. With our diverse backgrounds and expertise, we create true value and real change.

&friends was founded in 2019 by Christer Hedberg, who after 20+ years in the creative industry started &friends to make the world a better place with his friends  – one awesome design sprint and workshop at a time.

Christer Hedberg

Sprint Facilitator & Educator

In his work as a facilitator, Christer helps teams and companies embrace change, curiosity and collaboration in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and faster for each day.

Some of the international companies that Christer worked with as a facilitator are Volvo, Hyper Island, Husqvarna, City of Gothenburg, Stampen Media, Gothenburg Symphonics and Mölnlycke Health Care.

Founder of &friends and based in Gothenburg.


+46 708 40 99 50

Jolanda Toivola

Associated Facilitator, Copywriter & Epiphanier

Jolanda is a facilitator and copywriter living for epiphany moments. For morning breezes and captivating, hidden stories. Stories that feed thought. Stories that speak to the heart. And she loves to lift them, spin them and tell the world all about them.

She’s a high-fiver raised in the land of a thousand lakes, a storyteller with seven years of Gothenburg’s archipelago fresh in mind. But right now, and for some time, she lives in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

Jesper Nord

Associated Sprint Facilitator & Prototype Designer

Jesper is an experienced facilitator, UX strategist and entrepreneur and our true rock star when it comes to prototyping.

Founder of Humanji and based in Gothenburg.

Jonas Boutani Werner

Associated Facilitator, Innovation & Leadership Consultant

Jonas is an experienced facilitator with a passion of making people smarter together.

He works internationally with group facilitation and base his work in a holistic/systemic view of people, organisations and the world.

Jonas loves supporting the development of creative confidence in people and organisations and exploring ways to unfold potential through developing/designing & leading workshops, educations, projects and transformation of organisations.

Founder of Fantastic Studios. Based in Stockholm.

Göran Peterson

Associated Facilitator & Results Coach

Göran is a facilitator and results coach with a passion to help people grow. He’s also – we kid you not – captain of one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

Founder of CoachCaptain. Based in Florida and Gothenburg, Sweden.