The Agency Collaboration

The Code of Conduct workshop

In 2017, Sweden’s advertising industry was shaken when #sistabriefen came out. It was proof that our industry hadn’t been spared as #metoo spread across the world. And instead of ignoring these important stories and testimonies, we decided it was time for action.


A couple of months after over 2 000 women signed #sistabriefen/#metoo, 75 participants from 68 Gothenburg agencies, organisations and schools met during a workshop to figure out what we need to do to move forwards. What kind of industry do we want to work in? How can we go from #metoo, to method?


The result of the workshop, as well as hard work afterwards, was a code of conduct: The Agency Code. It has since been adapted by the 75 agencies, schools and organisations who in 2018 started working for an inclusive, equalive and respectful creative industry in Gothenburg.

Photos: Markus Holm / Amplify Photo