Design sprint, come again?

The design sprint is an engaging, collaborative and highly facilitated step-by-step process where we clear the schedule for four days to answer critical business questions through design, rapid prototyping and real-world user testing.

No guesswork, busywork or months of hoping to find your direction. This will change how you work.*

*Impossible? We thought so too. We were wrong.

The daily breakdown

Monday is all about mapping and creating alignment on the problem at hand. On Monday we also start sketching out ideas.

The main focus on Tuesday is to decide what solution that might solve the problem and to create storyboards on how that solution might work.

Wednesday is a day of full on prototype building. BOOM!

And finally, Thursday is the test day where we let five real users test the prototype.

And that’s how we go from sticky problem to high fidelity and user tested prototype in four days!

3 reasons why we should run your design sprint

We are design sprint experts
First of all, as design sprint and workshop experts we know the process inside and out.

We do killer workshops
We believe great workshops should be both fun and deliver a super clear end result. That’s why we focus a lot on the experience throughout the four days, managing the group dynamics to keep everyone engaged, empowered and efficient.

Tangible, superclear and actionable result
Throughout the sprint we document the progress and sum up the outcomes afterwards to make sure that the end result is tangible, actionable and really solves the challenge – three things way too many workshops misses out on.

3, 2, 1…. Ready to sprint? Buy us lunch and let’s talk!

Want to try it before you buy it?
Let’s do a Lightning Decision Sprint together!

The Lightning Decision Sprint workshop is the design sprint’s super fast cousin. For two engaging hours we bring you in to the world of design sprints and let you test some of the key methods.

And yes, we are pretty sure that you will be blown away by the amount of real-world decisions you can make even in only two hours when you spend the time on what really matters. And have fun while doing so!

Want to do a Lightning Decision Sprint workshop? Send us an email!